Websites that builds brands.

With nordpress you don’t have to compromise. Get a website with high visibility on Google and a high conversion rate to take advantage of your hard-earned traffic, while still having the flexibility that WordPress offers.

Everything you need, even your own website concierge, is included.

Features & Benefits

A hybrid between a Do-it-yourself platform and a digital agency.

We’re all about giving you the power to create more leads for your business. That means providing an easy way for you to create a professional, stable & fast website.

Managed WP

Top of the line Hosting

Sites built on nordpress are blazing fast and always available (our uptime is 99.9999% for the last 14 months) for your visitors. A slow or offline website does not generate leads, and is therefore fundamental to your success.

Premium Plugins

best-in-class plugins

With every plan you get access to plugins worth over €78/month.
We have researched, tested and bought the best plugins of every category, so that you can build anything you want.

It Makes Business Sense

Optimized for seo

The speed, stability and uptime of nordpress is favored by search engines. You start with the fundamentals already in place, and have full control over your settings to climb in the rankings.

Your Own Marketing & Web Concierge

Continous Improvement Audits & Tips

We are committed to help you grow your business by generating more leads. Get a constant stream of improvement tips with that goal in mind, provided by some of Sweden’s best marketing consultants in CRO, SEO & Paid Search.
Ease of mind

Enterprise-Grade Security & Uptime

According to WordFence, there are almost 90.000 attacks per minute on WordPress websites, and Google Blacklists over 70.000 websites per week due to security issues. With nordpress you don’t have to worry about that, we take care of your site while you build your business.

Simple, transparent pricing


We charge based on how many unique visitors you have.
Everything we have to offer is included from the start.

These are our license tiers:

2.5k UV - €69/MOnth

25k uv - €129/month

2.5m uv - €869/month

And with every tier you get everything mentioned above plus:

  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Two months free with yearly payments.
  • Free Support

UV = Unique visitors. We exclude bots and robot traffic automatically.


Whatever your budget or ambition is, we have a solution for you thanks to our network of vetted, certified freelancers.

These are our builder tiers:

Junior Freelancer - €39/hour

Veteran Freelancer - €79/hour

nordpress team - €139/hour

We make purchasing a great website easy & safe:

  • All freelancers are vetted & certified by us.
  • Communicate with your freelancer in our Slack.
  • We check every site that is built for quality assurance.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • Fixed pricing available. 
You'll be in good company


Because It’s time for a shift.

You shouldn’t have to choose between building an OK website
by yourself, or to hire an agency and gain a great one but at a great cost.

It’s time for a middle-ground. It’s time for a hybrid solution that fits the
digital landscape we’re in.

I believe that by bringing together creatives from all over the world
and supplying them with the technology and tools they need to not get stuck with
the boring, time-consuming stuff we can create a much better web, at a better price.

I believe that a platform where no avenue is closed, where you can choose
to do it yourself while getting guidance from professionals, or getting everything
done for you by a network of certified builders at a competitive rate, is the way forward.

That is why we built nordpress.


How it works

Our goal is to help you grow your digital presence, since that is the only way we can move you up through our tiers. And for you to get started growing your digital presence in a efficient way, a solid foundation must be in place. That is why we have a rigorous onboarding process unlike any other hosting provider.

.01 (Day 1)

Schedule a kick-off call.

Every new client starts with a 20-minute onboarding call. This is where we get to know eachother and we get to know your business, goals and situation. We also take a look at your current digital presence to get a better grip of where you are at so we can tailor our recommendations.

.02 (Day 2)

Choose your builder!

Based on your choice of tier, we present 2-3 freelancers that we think will fit your project. We take working hours/time-zone differences into consideration, as well as the freelancers previous projects & passion areas, to find the right ones for you. 

.03 (Day 2-3)

Provide your info.

When you’ve chosen your hero, ergh, builder, It’s time to provide them with everything they need to build your site in a cost-efficient, but rapid manner. Our structured hand-off process is there to achieve that. You are guided through everything we need from you to build it.

.04 (Day 3-45)

Communicate & perfect.

You communicate with your builder through nordpress slack where they are available throughout the specified working hours. Your website concierge monitors the conversation to be able to assist and add valuable input where needed.



Holy moley, your new site is ready to be launched! Great job!
We (as in the nordpress team) have already checked your site by now and given it a thumbs up. We think you are ready to go. Either we launch it for you, or send you the instructions on how to proceed. 


Wax on, wax off.

A website is never done. You will find things to improve further, content to create, call to actions to implement. We’ve created nordpress so that you can do this yourself. To get that professional touch on everything you DIY, you have your web concierge to assist.


Build your brand, and pipeline

You will have a constant stream of visual feedback that we believe will help increase the performance of your site. Join our exclusive webinars & get help from professionals in CRO, SEO, SEM & branding. Everything you need to build a brand and a better pipeline.


Get started with nordpress

Get a website that improves your business, rather than cripple it. Book your kick-off call right now, and let’s find out if we are a good fit for each other!

founding team

We keep the circle (and overhead) small. We’ve spent the past 3 years automating and building processes that allow us to ship like a team twice our size.

But, if you include our network of vetted, certified, freelancing builders, we become huge.

We’ve worked with the biggest advertisers, the most demanding scale-ups, as well as solopreneurs and family businesses.

We’re ready to transform the way websites are viewed, and your business in the process.


Co-founder & development lead


Co-Founder & Operations lead